Techno Bro has more than 12 years of ERP experience in a manufacturing environment, assisting factories to manage work centers, BOM and production scheduling.   While ERP application has less than 20% chance of success in China, our experience and expert knowledge is thus pivotal in helping you to succeed.  

Suggested software: DBA Manufacturing

自从 2005 年,衡曦科技开始为客户提供 ERP 管理经验,包括生产中心、物料清单和排产计划。虽然 ERP 在国内只有不到 20% 的成功个案,但在衡曦科技的专业带领之下,你更可以享受 ERP 带来的丰硕成果。


We have assisted our clients on CRM software application for 3 years.  CRM is indispensable in countries such as China where turnover of sales representatives is so frequent that it is disruptive to business. Salesman may take away or delete valuable customer info when they leave.    A proper CRM system helps secure your valuable assets. 

Suggested software: Bitrix 24

在中国各行各业,客户资源往往因为业务员的离职而随之流失。当大部分企业仍然满足于 Excel 的时候,恒曦科技让你感受到 CRM 软件的安全。很多客户甚至通过数据分析而挖掘无穷的商机。

Digital Marketing

Nobody has expected online marketing in China to grow at such lightning speed as they have over the last decade.    We are experts in SEO on Alibaba (1688) and Taobao.  Some of our customers have successfully established a strong online presence without even a factory.  If your business are still selling offline, then it is a wake up call.  

Suggested platform: Alibaba, Taobao

过去 10 年,网购在中国的发展可以说是一日千里。我们为不同行业的企业提供了阿里巴巴和淘宝店的管理,让他们在短时间内有骄人的流量和权重,进入搜索页的首页。如果你还没有开始网购平台推广的话,那就要抓紧时间了。

About Us

We have over 12 years of experience providing expert software service for factories, including ERP, CRM, SEO and HR.  With the advice from our consultant, you do not need to ride years of learning curve. 

我们拥有超过 12 年的经验,为生产型企业提供软件和管理咨询,包括 ERP、CRM、网店和人事管理。

We understand the importance of software functionality as well as affordability.   In fact, we know of good software that are functionally versatile and inexpensive.  All you need is just a good guiding hand to help you start and get used to it.  




Please feel free to send us email to arrange for a visit from our consultant.  We look forward to working closely with you.  

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A young, enthusiastic team of advisors are always here to help.


Our staff ensure you get the optimum results.

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