About Us

How we got started

We used to run factories as you do, and have been frustrated by either expensive software as well as worthless freebies.   Over the years we acquire the experience in software application and management knowhow.  Subsequently the software division is spinned off from our parent manufacturer.  


Data Visualization - Sales Forecasting Software

Seeing is believing

While our competitors may endlessly brag about the advantages of their software, we will take you right into a manufacturer in which our software is used, and let your counterparts share their feelings about software utilization.



We understand the importance of software functionality as well as affordability.   In fact, we know of good software that are functionally versatile and inexpensive.  All you need is just a good guiding hand to help you start and get used to it.  


Please feel free to send us email to arrange for a visit from our consultant.  We look forward to working closely with you. 

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Cost

Our software are affordable, versatile and stable.

Application Support

Our consultant guides you through the maze of software application.

One Stop Shop

We hate to see customers caught up between hardware/network and software, that is why we provide networking service too.

A peace of mind

It is tough enough to compete in modern day Chinese market.   Why not let us worry about the software, so that you can focus on your business?









How our customers rate us . . . 


Price competitiveness 软件的性价比 90%
Technical Knowledge 技术知识 80%
Application Support 软件应用支援 70%
One Stop Shop 一站式服务 60%
Software localization 中国软件的应用 50%