Certified Bitrix SILVER Partner

While Bitrix is one of the best software we would highly recommend, we are always around to help you make good use of the many features it offers.  As the Bitrix Silver partner,  we have valuable experience, whether you need our service to be in a cloud version or self hosted

What is Bitrix24?

Why Bitrix24? Because it is more than CRM . . .

Task Management

  • Repeating tasks
  • Subtasks and checklists
  • Gantt and dependencies
  • Email to task, task to email
  • Task reports

Projects (Workgroups)

  • Public and private projects
  • External users (Extranet)
  • Access rights and moderation
  • Document management
  • Group calendar

Time Management

  • Task time tracking
  • Estimated time vs real time
  • Deadlines
  • Employee workload management
  • Quotes and Invoices (CRM)
Attendance Chart

Bitrix is more than CRM; the attendance chart is just one of the many tools to assist management.   Massive efficiency improvement is always reported by our clients once Bitrix is used to the fullest.  


Mobile Tasks (iOS and Android)

Colleagues are always on the go.  How do they keep up with the fast pace of business activities?  No worries.  Bitrix have apps for both IOS and Android.  


I am sure you are already impressed by what you have seen so far.  However, let me  assure you that we are simply touching the surface.  Seeing is believing.  Why not give us a call and have a look when Bitrix is in action?  

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